Wednesday, 20 June 2012

UPS COO encourages Canadians to reach out to new global trade partners

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David Abney, Chief Operating Officer of the global courier services provider UPS, recently called on Canadian business and government leaders “to think anew” in an effort to boost the economic growth and trade volume of Canadian markets:

„Canadians... are ready and eager to compete in a global economy with your eyes fixed far beyond your traditional partners in the States. […] It’s good to be north of the border again where the business environment is upbeat”.

Amongst various topics, Abney also addressed the emergence of a new consumer class such as the middle class in “up-and-coming parts of the world”. He stressed the importance of new economic rules which ought to be adapted to the changing consumer behaviour and expectations.

“If you want to grow your business in the future, you’ll need to reach out and attract these new customers”, said Abney.

According to the UPS COO, this new way of thinking and adapting to future economies would hugely benefit Canadian business owners. In fact, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently published figures depicting the unstoppable growth of newly emerging business which will be nearly four times greater this year compared with that of other, more advanced economies. 

In order to secure the future of Canada’s economy, the government is currently reaching out to South and Central America as well as to Europe for six new trade agreements. By utilising Transpacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, the Canadian government plans to update its trade rules and interactions with South and Central America. Moreover, free trade agreements would also be negotiated with Japan, the EU, South Korea, Singapore and India at the moment.

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Sources: UPS, Transglobal Express

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