Air Freight

Air freight is one the quickest, safest, and most efficient methods of parcel delivery and is regularly used to transport consignments and packages of all shapes and sizes. International mail and express parcel delivery services are usually shipped via air freight due to its reliability in delivering parcels in pristine condition and on time.

The air freight industry is managed by a regulatory body known as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an organisation which is striving to widen the reach of the air freight industry. Transglobal Express is fully IATA accredited and offers the services of leading air freight companies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

The cost of air freight depends on the weight and size of your goods and you will need to enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel into our website in order to receive an accurate quotation for any of our UK and International parcel delivery services.

Transglobal Express offer two air freight services:

Air Freight to Arrival Airport

With our Air Freight to Arrival Airport service, your consignment will be collected from your door and delivered to the destination airport, where the consignee will be responsible for collecting the goods and paying any local handling and clearance charges.

Air Freight to Door

This is our fully inclusive door to door delivery service. Your consignment will be collected from your door, transported via air freight, and delivered direct to the consignee.

All clearance and delivery charges are prepaid in the UK. This is a fully inclusive and hassle-free parcel delivery service. If you would like any information or advice relating to our Air Freight services, contact our customer services team:

Tel: (+44) 0845 145 1212

For an air freight quotation, please visit