Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Restricted Package Contents on Parcel Delivery Services

All Parcel Delivery and courier services have a policy which lists any items which are either prohibited or restricted.

Prohibited items will not be accepted for shipment under any circumstances. 

Restricted items can be shipped subject to approval by the courier.

The list can vary from courier to courier and we recommend that you check with your individual courier to see what restrictions they have in place on their delivery services.

If you are sending a restricted item, you should notify your courier in advance. By not doing this you risk them rejecting or delaying the delivery of your parcel and you may incur additional charges if you attempt to send a restricted item without first informing them. Restricted parcel items will usually be accepted as long as they are sufficiently packaged. However, no compensation will be awarded in the event that they become lost or damaged in transit.

We have previously posted a list of prohibited items on all parcel delivery services. The following listed items are examples of restricted parcel contents with the majority of parcel delivery services:

  • Perishable food
  • Furniture - Flat packed furniture can be accepted, check with your courier)
  • Cash (including cheques or any other vouchers with a face value)
  • Personal Effects
  • Living or dead animals
  • Works of Art
  • Body parts or human remains
  • Jewellery, including watches (Transglobal parcel delivery services using UPS can accept jewellery or watches up to a value of 500 USD)
  • Liquids or alcohol
  • Precious metals or precious stones
  •  Legal or business documents
  • Antiques
  • Tobacco products
  • Animal fur or skin
  • Televisions - Unable to accept televisions on any Transglobal (UPS) service

This list is not exhaustive and further information is available from transglobalexpress.co.uk. Please check with your courier for confirmation of their package restrictions. For specific to individual carriers, please use the following links:
Advice and guidance on how to package your parcel is available here.

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