Friday, 13 January 2017

A Closer Look At Our New USPS Service


We recently launched our economical USPS service for customers who would like to ship to the US at a greatly discounted price. This newly provided service by us has many advantages and here is a brief run down of how the service can help.

In general, the service is designed for smaller, lightweight parcels bound for the USA. The parcels are consolidated at our UK warehouse and then flown to the US. The final part of their journey will be carried out by USPS. The main advantage of this is we are able to provide much lower rates than other door to door services.

This service is an ideal choice for non urgent bulk orders, especially if the total value of the goods is no greater than $800, as this is the amount that can be imported to the USA tax and duty free.

  • The service is fully trackable
  • Fantastic rates for light parcels up to 5kg
  • Collection service available or drop off at our warehouse
  • Single collection cost (more than one shipment per box) for up to 30kg


There are two USPS services available - Smartmail Expedited and Smartmail Plus Ground. See below for a comparison of the services:

  • Documents           This service is for very light items or documents, weighing up     7 - 10 days
  • Parcels                  to 0.45kg only.

  • Documents           This service allows parcels weighing up to 5kg.                            8 - 11 days
  • Parcels

Bulk Orders

Our USPS service is especially useful for bulk orders. You can include multiple shipments in the same boxat no additional collection cost provided the total weight is under 30kg.


You can track your USPS delivery by entering you TP reference number into our online tracking tool.

Service Restrictions

This service is restricted to Mainland USA only. Excluded is Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Items sent to these destinations are subject to a surcharge of £30 per item. For these services we recommend you use one of our other services through UPS or DHL.

This service is also restricted to goods valued at a maximum of $800 as this is the value of goods permitted to be imported to the USA tax and duty free.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Sometimes the restrictions can vary depending on the destination of the shipment. As a general guide the following information is provided:

USPS Smartmail Expedited - Up to 0.45kg

USPS Smartmail Plus Ground - Up to 5kg

Max length - 68cm

Max height/width - 43cm

Max length plus girth - 127cm (Sum of two smallest dimensions x 2) + longest dimension.

Prohibited Items

A list of hazardous, prohibited and owner's risk items can be found here.

Visit our website now to get a quote for your USPS shipment.

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