Monday, 16 January 2012

How to Send a Bike | Packaging Guide for Bike Delivery

Here is how you can send a bike by courier and avoid transport damages.

Preparing your Bike Delivery
It is recommended to put out the following tools before starting with the packaging of their bikes**:
  • 1x tool kit
  • 1x roll of packaging tape
  • 1x cutter knife
  • 1x plastic bag / zip bag
  • 1x cardboard bicycle box (Available at your local bicycle shop.)

Attention: Please ensure that you do not exceed the standard girth of max 330 cm. Otherwise your shipments may be classed as bulky goods. You can ship your bike with any of our Transglobal couriers: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and DPD.

Packaging if Partially Dismantled 

The packaging size often depends on the size of your bicycle and the chosen parcel service. Please contact your parcel delivery service directly and ask about any restrictions before sending your bike.
  • Firstly, remove any accessories, i.e. bike lights, bags, pumps, locks etc and place them in the plastic / zip bag. 
  • If your chosen parcel service has advised you to partially dismantle your bike, then please start by turning around the handlebar. It should face the tip of your saddle.
  • Now dismantle your pedals and if necessary, remove the saddle and front wheel. Use your tool set to do so. 
  • Once dismantled, place the pedals / saddle in your plastic bag and put the front wheel aside. You will be able to slide it into the bicycle box later. 
  • Your plastic bag needs to be closed and glued to frame, between handlebar, cross bar and seat post, or stick it on the side of your bicycle rack (if available).
  • Next up, take your cardboard bicycle box and pull it over your bicycle. You may use cushioning / padding materials to prohibit the bike from moving.

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**When sending your bike, we always recommend that you refer to the carriers' websites for specific packaging guidance.

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