Monday, 16 April 2012

FedExpress World Hub welcomes Ray LaHood and Steve Cohen

Last Friday, the FedEx President & CEO David Bronczek welcomed Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, and US Congressman, Steve Cohen, to the World Hub in Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Image c/o FedEx
As the largest facility in the FedEx Express network, parcels are delivered to various locations within the USA as well as worldwide on more than 10,000 flights each month. The Memphis-based World Hub also processes a total of 1.5 million FedEx packages a day.

Whilst visiting at the hub, Secretary LaHood and Congressman Cohen did not miss out on the opportunity to experience a FedEx flight with a Boeing 777F in the onsite flight simulator.

CEO David Bronczek said that he was honoured by their visited and the he was 
 “excited to share some of the innovations and teamwork that allow[ed] [them] to connect 220 countries and territories with the Secretary and the Congressman.”
Source: FedEx

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