Thursday, 18 April 2013

DHL to offer training in advance of new EU Air Freight security regulations

DHL Global Forwarding, the freight division of German logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL, announced this afternoon that it is offering a range of services to its customers to help them comply with new EU Air Cargo Security Regulations. 

The regulations were introduced after two parcels containing explosive devices were intercepted while being transported via air cargo towards intended US destinations. The new rules have been in place since 1 February 2012 and will come into full effect on 29th April 2013, when the transition period comes to an end. They require air cargo companies to ensure that all cargo and mail destined for the EU is screened or comes from a secure supply chain.

DHL have predicted that only five percent of 65,000 air freight companies will have met the required standards by the end of the month, which could result in delays in the transportation of air freight. In order to avoid this, DHL claim, they are offering courses, workshops and a contractable X-ray screening service using newly sourced equipment.

Sources: DHL, IATA

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