Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Excess Baggage Shipping – UK Services and Packaging Tips

Summer is here and many of us are making last minute arrangements to book time off. If you do not want to pay horrendously high luggage surcharges at the airport, excess baggage shipping can be a great alternative to save you money.

DHL Express Luggage Shipping

Whether you are travelling within the UK, or are going overseas, you can ship your luggage ahead using DHL Express’ excess luggage service.

Packaging and Maximum Weight

  • Please remember to solely use hard protective cases when shipping excess luggage.
  • In order for your luggage to be shipped via services such as DHL Express, the suitcases will be allowed a total weight of 70kg.
  • It is not necessary to wrap individual suitcases in packaging paper. Yet, it is important to ensure that your labels are attached to the top of each suitcase.

Tracking and Liability

Independent freight forwarders such as Transglobal Express offer online tracking via which you can follow up on the latest status of your shipment. You will be asked to enter your reference / tracking number in the required field and click “track a shipment”.

For further information and instant, free quotes for your excess baggage shipment, please visit TransglobalExpress.co.uk.

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