Friday, 1 November 2013

TNT Express expands its low-carbon fleet in UK and Ireland

Good news for environmentally conscious UK shippers: TNT Express announced last week that its new fleet of collection and delivery vehicles across the UK and Ireland is much greener and more efficient! If you  regularly book UK parcel deliveries, it's likely that your parcels may have already been delivered in one of TNT's new vehicles, which have been undergoing a fleet renewal programme since late July 2013.

Alistair Cochrane, MD of TNT UK & Ireland, with the new low-carbon fleet
TNT has been replacing old vehicles as they reach the end of their operating life. 300 new delivery vans have been ordered, with 200 vehicles having been delivered to date. The  new delivery vans benefit from a more aerodynamic body design and reduced fuel consumption while still being able to carry the same volume of parcels. The new boy design reduces drag, and with the overall weight of each vehicle has been reduced by 200kg by the introduction of plastic to the body construction. 

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