Wednesday, 8 August 2012

eBay-Tip: How to Save on Back to School Clothing & Shipping Costs

In August 2011, UK families had to fork out an average sum of £191.96 on back to school clothing. In fact, many poorer parents spent about 40 percent of their monthly salary on the increasingly high costs of stationary, gym kits and other back to school equipment (Guardian, 03/08/2011).

No wonder many parents decide to look at alternative ways of shopping and shipping school uniforms, especially now that we are only a few weeks away from the start of the new academic year.

The World of eBay 

For most of us eBay shopping is the first idea which springs to mind when thinking about savings. Why invest a lot of money knowing that your children will have outgrown their school uniforms within a year anyway?

Organising your own shipping

Ask the eBay seller if he / she would consider letting you organise the shipping of your purchase. 

Shipping back to school clothing or stationary via courier can save you time and money. Most courier services will offer you a section of various discounted express and standard parcel services. Plus, you will be able to track your shipment’s progress at any time. No more worrying about delays or lost parcels. 

This way you can ensure that your children have everything they need for their first day back at school whilst also saving a few quid, you might want to spend elsewhere.

Where to book cheap courier services

To get a quote for your shipment and compare a range of low-cost services, visit

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