Thursday, 11 October 2012

Unilever and EU commission embark on new sustainability project

Unilever is going to embark on a new project which will see the company introduce new transport management scheme. 

The main goal is to reduce carbon emissions and the impact that Unilever's supply chain network has on European roads. Together with the EU Commission, Unilever plans to establish a new transport hub network across the European continent. It will be co-managed by Unilever's main centre operations centre in Katowice, Poland. 

"This project is a major step forward in the delivery of Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. Reducing the number of kilometres the number of kilometres that our trucks will need to travel will result in a significant reduction in the environmental impact of our supply chain operations. But the business benefits of this initiative are equally important and they demonstrate, once again, the business case for driving sustainability into our business", said Jan Zijderverld, President of Unilever Europe.

Unilever intends to reduce its carbon emission to the same or even below the ones of 2010 by 2020. The project will also see the annual removal of 154,000 truck voyages from the Brussels-Warsaw route and 260,000 between the cities of Berlin and Brussels. 

EU funding will be provided as part of the Marco Polo programme - one of whose main concern is traffic avoidance.

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