Tuesday, 22 January 2013

UPS and STATS LLC launch data driven performance index for NCAA Basketball

Today, UPS, one of the world’s leading international courier companies, announced that it had teamed up with STATS LLC in an effort to expand its Team Performance Index (TPI) used to measure NCAA men’s and women’s basketball.

“UPS is thrilled to extend our association with STATS to include the new Team Performance Indexes for men’s women’s college basketball. Logistics are not only the foundation of our business, but they’re also the foundation for success on the court or on any playing field, and we’re proud to have developed a system that successfully quantifies which teams are best at the preparation, planning and precision that lead to success”, said Ron Rogowski, vice president at UPS global sponsorships and events.

The UPS TPI will comprise the following six correlated key statistical components:
  • Offensive Measure – effective field goal percentage
  • Defensive Measure – effective field goal against
  • Rebounding – rebounding percentage amongst all rebounds in a game
  • Ball handling – assists/game, steals/game etc.
  • Overall miscues measure – turnovers/game, fouls/game etc.
  • And the success measure – winning percentage.

Moreover, the courier’s new index will be updated on a regular basis with leaders of each division announced each week.

“STATS is excited to expand the UPS Team Performance Index into college basketball. The application of the Index to basketball highlights the efficiency and overall teamwork required to succeed in the sport. The Team Performance Index is designed to identify well-balanced teams that do multiple things well, similar to how UPS excels in logistics. The formula shows new insights and tells a unique story about the teams and the college basketball season”, explained John Sasman, vice president of commercial products at STATS.

With the help of a proprietary algorithm an index value will be put in place for each component with an average of 100 and a value of 200 as the maximum.

STATS is the world’s largest sports technology, data and content company.

Source: UPS

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