Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DHL publishes latest research into fashion production and retail

A recent report into trends in fashion retail carried out by Lisa Harrington (President of the Iharrington group LLC),   in collaboration with German logistics firm DHL urges retailers to transform their supply chains in response to the increasing demands and greater sophistication of customers. 


The new report, entitled, “Fashion Unleashed: supply chain innovation is everything” was composed following interviews and roundtable discussions with global brands.  It relates how the big fashion retailers and manufacturers are rethinking their supply chain management in response to changing and unpredictable consumer buying behaviour. 

According to the report, changes enabled by the Internet and mobile communications have made volatility and complexity an industry norm, so speed, flexibility and responsiveness in the supply chain are imperative. 
Pressures currently facing fashion production and distribution include: fragmented sales channels, escalated service demands, shortened product lifecycles, ratcheted up cost and margin pressures, changing demographics, rapid growth in emerging markets, and the rise of the global middle class. 

The report outlines how the industry can meet the challenges represented by all of these changes, explaining how best to service markets around the world with a supply chain that is agile, flexible and efficient

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