Thursday, 21 August 2014

UPS to expand its Canadian network

UPS has announced its plans to expand its Canadian network by opening three new operation centres within British Colombia. The operation centres are due to be located in Kamloops, Nanaimo and Comox, with the additional expansion of the already existing centre in Kelowna.

Pick up and delivery services for UPS customers in Kamloops have already begun, with this replacing its current agent being used. The scheduled expansion will further enhance UPS's already strong Canadian network, whilst also increasing the brand's reputation further into BC.
Michael Tierney, UPS Canada President, has said: "Expanding our service in BC and across Canada is fueled by market opportunity and customer demand. UPS continues to invest in new capabilities and network capacity to secure customers' confidence and enable their long-term growth."

The expansion is expected to be complete by November of this year, with it representing a multi-million dollar investment. UPS will see its physical presence expand by 36,000 square feet across the four new centres, with approximately 80 jobs being introduced.

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