Tuesday, 31 March 2015

FedEx to open gateway facility in Copenhagen in late 2015

FedEx Express has revealed its completion of the external structure on a new gateway facility situated at Copenhagen Airport, Denmark. The new build, worth 4 million Euros, measures at 8,000 square metres, with its opening date due at the end of 2015.

With the external building complete, the US company is next due to install "state-of-the-art" automated sorting systems, which have the ability to process up to 11,500 packages on a daily basis. Approximately 120 staff will be employed at the new facility.

The new facility is expected to use energy recovery technology on its conveyor belts which will capture energy from its movement and convert this into usable electricity.

Vice President for Finance, Europe, at FedEx Express, Helena Jansson, has said development so far has been "right on track." Jansson added: "It means we will be ready to help our customers in Denmark and Sweden boost their cross-border business during the busy peak season at the end of this year."

FedEx has recently been working alongside Danish social enterprise, Incita, to test the new facility's equipment. Christina Grontved, CEO of Incita, has said: "We are excited to play a role in testing the new FedEx Express facility. Fifteen employees at Incita are involved in producing 5,000 packages in all shapes and sizes in our workshop,, which will be used to test the new sorting system at the facility." She continued: "We hope that this project will help some of our employees re-build their confidence so that they can move on to new opportunities."

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