Friday, 17 March 2017

Sending a Parcel to Belgium is Easy - A Handy Guide

Shipping to Belgium is a really easy process when the right preparation has been carried out. Here is a quick guide on what is worth checking before sending a parcel to Belgium.

Dangerous, Hazardous & Prohibited Items

When sending items abroad, there are certain restrictions on what you can send and what you can’t send. Before booking your service, it is highly recommended that you are able send them. Sending a prohibited item could result in you receiving a fine of £100.

Some items have certain restrictions imposed on them and can only be sent to certain countries and with certain carriers. Another class of items is no compensation items. These are typically more fragile items that we are unable to offer insurance cover of if they are damaged in transit. Visit our dangerous,hazardous and prohibited items page for more information.

Customs Duties and Paperwork

As Belgium is within the EU, customs clearance is not required for parcel deliveries made from the UK and the consignment will not need a customs invoice. Despite of this, security checks will still be made and it is important that all documents are filled in accurately and in full.

For more information on customs clearance and security checks for sending a parcel to Belgium, you can check the Belgium customs website.

Weight and Dimensions of Your Parcel

Before booking your parcel delivery to Belgium. You will need to have accurate measurements for the weight and dimensions of your parcel. Digital scales tend to be the most accurate for weighing. Be sure to include the weight of your packaging and cushioning so it is best to weigh it when it is fully packaged and sealed.

When obtaining the dimensions of your parcel, it is important to measure it as accurately as possible. Your parcel will be measured using lasers by the carrier after they have collected it and if there are any discrepancies between the stated measurements at the time of booking, an additional cost could be billed to the shipper.

A rectangular box can be quite easy to measure; however, an irregularly shaped object can be a bit more awkward. You should include the furthest most point of each side of the parcel, as shown in the example below. More details on how to obtain the weight and dimensions of your parcel can be found here.

Transit Times to Belgium

We provide a next day delivery service for Belgium, though some economy services generally take 2 days. If your delivery is going to a more “remote” area of Belgium, additional time may also be needed.

For a more accurate idea of transit times for sending your cheap parcel delivery, you can use our transit time calculator tool which looks at specific carriers.

If you have any questions or would like more information on sending a parcel to Belgium, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 0345 145 1212, or drop us an email at

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