Friday, 31 December 2010

How much does International Parcel Delivery cost?

The cost of sending your parcel internationally will depend upon a number of factors:
  • Destination
  • Size of Goods
  • Weight of Goods
  • Nature of the Goods
The destination of where you would like your parcel delivering will effect the price. Likewise if you have a large bulky item that your wish to transport then this will effect the price, as it may mean the difference between the shipment of the goods via an specialist cargo plane rather than international passenger plane.

Similarly, if you have perishable goods then you will be charge extra by the courier company for the use of refrigerated containers during transportation. The price will also be effected depending on which service you choose; for example, shipment of goods to the destination airport for collection will cost less than a fully inclusive door to door delivery service.

You will need to know the weight and dimensions of your goods to receive an accurate quotation through our website. It is important to note that courier companies will check the weight and dimensions of all packages and additional fees will be incurred if they do not match up to those entered during the quotation stage.

Free, no-obligation quotations are available from our websites - Air Freight, Sea Freight, Door to Door Parcel Delivery. Accessing quotations is easy and you don't even need to register or log in!

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