Friday, 31 December 2010

What Air Freight services are available?

Transglobal  Express provide a complete range of parcel delivery solutions by offering sea and sea freight shipping, air freight, and door to door courier services to almost any destination in the world. It is important to us that you choose the most appropriate service to suit your needs considering cost, logistics and time restrictions. With this in mind, we try to offer as broad a range of parcel delivery services as possible.

Our Air Freight services are ideal for parcels, packages and shipments that need to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Air Freight is one the quickest, safest, and most efficient methods of parcel delivery and is regularly used to transport consignments and packages of all shapes and sizes.

Passenger Airline Freight Services
This is the preferred method for customers wishing to transport small-sized goods. It is quick, reliable and less expensive because the goods are transported on passenger flights rather than dedicated cargo planes.

Courier Airline Cargo Services 
Many international courier companies have dedicated cargo planes which are designed for the transportation of heavy goods to international destinations

In addition to the above, we also  have two options of Air Freight service available to you - Air Freight to Arrival Airport and Air Freight to Door. 

Air Freight to Door Service 
This is a fully inclusive door to door delivery service. Your consignment will be collected from your door, transported via air freight, and delivered direct to the consignee. All clearance and delivery charges are prepaid in the UK. 

Air Freight to Destination Airport
Our Air Freight to Arrival Airport service your consignment will be collected from your door and delivered to the destination airport where the consignee will be responsible for collecting the goods and paying any local handling and clearance charges.

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