Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Efficient Parcel Delivery - Air Freight Services Uncovered

Air Freight services play an important role in cargo transport and there are many people involved in successfully making the service as reliable and efficient as possible.

Air Freight agents are responsible for importing and exporting cargo by ensuring that inbound and outbound air freight shipments are directed to their respective destinations, and within the required timescale. Certain air freight agents may also specialise in specific parts of the world.

Prior to transportation, cargo needs to be assembled on the basis of their destination and space for the shipment needs to be arranged in the transport being used. Air Freight agents will then take bookings from customers and arrange for the collection of the goods.

In addition to the above, Air freight agents also fulfil the following reponsibilities:

  • Preparing the required documentation
  • Notifying of any shipment delays to the individuals concerned
  • Unloading goods and contacting customers
  • Weighing the transported shipment and calculating the cost
  • Coordinating and managing the movement of cargo to between international destinations

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