Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Transglobal Express Parcel Packaging Service

Choosing the most appropriate method to package your parcel is key to ensuring that your parcel arrives safely and without delay.

Always try to choose the right sized package for your item. Boxes which are too big are likely to get squashed; packages which are too small for the item is likely to burst in transit.  Always use high quality materials and consider strength and durability when selecting your wrapping supplies.

If you find yourself short and need to get your parcel sent out at short notice, Transglobal Express can offer the following packaging solutions:
  • Standard boxes* (59 x 40 x 54cm)
  • Large boxes* (60 x 49 x 58cm)
  • Pallets* - We can secure and wrap your boxes onto a suitable sized pallet which can be heat treated and stamped as required (depending on the destination).
  • Wooden crates* - All crates are made to measure.
*Prices for all of our packaging options can be supplied on request.

All shipments must be wrapped and packaged and may be rejected by the courier if they are deemed to be insufficiently packaged. This is not only to protect your goods, but also to prevent damage to other parcels during transit. Our standard and large boxes are reinforced double-walled cardboard boxes and can be delivered direct to your door on a next day service via DHL.

Please refer to our article 'DHL Packaging Advice for Safe Parcel Delivery' for further information and advice for how to package your parcel.

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