Wednesday, 12 January 2011

International Couriers - Tips to help you when choosing which courier company is right for you

International parcel delivery is a highly competitive market. With so many courier companies to choose from, how do you know which one is offering the right service for you?
  1. Customer Testimonials - Who better to judge the reliability of a service than the people who use it? Look for customer testimonials on the courier companies website. You may be able to contact the customers and ask about their experiences with the courier. You could also try looking for recommended courier services on popular forums and consumer websites. Customer satisfaction ratings will also give you an idea about competency of the courier company.

  2. Reliability - Building a reputation for reliability and prompt, timely delivery is essential to any courier company offering an international parcel delivery service. Don't be afraid to research the company and look for a courier service that is known for prompt parcel delivery.

  3. Safe Delivery - A good courier service will not only get your parcel to its destination on time, but it will also get it there in one piece! Some simple background research into a company will give you an insight into the types of goods they can handle, from heavy to fragile. If in doubt, contact the courier company direct and ask about the nature of the goods you wish to send. They should be able to advise you on the right courier service for your shipment, as well as offer advice on how to package your parcel for safe shipment.

  4. International Customs & Taxes - Look for a firm that offers you the right service at the right price. Try to find a courier company that offers cheaper international taxes and customs rates, as this will reduce your overall expenses. A good courier company will be able to advise you on any paperwork that needs to be completed to ensure you parcel is delivered without delay.

  5. Tracking Options - Online parcel tracking is a service offered by most courier companies. This allows you to easily track the progress of your parcel from collection through to delivery, and identify if there have been any delays with the shipment without the hassle of having to phone the courier company directly. For your own peace of mind, try to choose a courier company which allows you to track your parcel via their websites.
With a wealth of information available on the internet, it is very easy to research the credibility of a courier company. Customer testimonials will often testify to a couriers reliability, efficiency and affordability. It may also be worthwhile checking out discount courier services who re-sell the services of all the big courier firms but at a fraction of the cost.  

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