Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How to choose the best parcel delivery service

Most parcel delivery services work in a very similar way. You book your delivery with the courier company, and your parcel is collected and transported by the courier who then delivers the parcel to your recipient. The trick is finding a courier who can provide a service which is reliable, cost-effective, and meets your own specific requirements.

Below we have posted some guidelines aimed at helping you to choose the best parcel delivery service for your shipment.

  • Always opt for an intermediary parcel delivery service provider. They can provide you a 'discount courier service' and supply comparative quotes from all the leading courier companies. They also offer discounted rates so you can be sure that you are getting good value for money.
  • Even when you book through an intermediary, you are getting the equivalent of the courier company's full price service. You receive the same protection as if you booked with them direct. It varies between couriers how much you will receive if a parcel is damaged or lost but it is usually a maximum of about £50 per item. You should always check before to see what protection you have with your carrier. You should also check the courier's terms and conditions to confirm that your item is covered.
  • If your item is valuable, most intermediaries will offer parcel delivery insurance, which is an additional surcharge covering your parcel for a higher value. Insurance surcharges are usually very reasonable and will allow you to cover your shipment up to a value of £1000. You will need to request the additional insurance cover from the intermediary as this will not be included as standard. If you do need to make a claim you will need to be able to prove the value of your shipment. It is worth checking the terms and conditions of the carrier before taking out the additional insurance.
  • Some couriers will offer 'Express' and 'Rapid' delivery options. These terms can mean different things to different companies so always check the specific timescale in which your parcel will be delivered. If you want delivery of your package to be within a specific time you will need to find a parcel delivery service that offers that facility. Always check before you book.
  • Not all parcel delivery companies are equipped to handle big shipments. Check that your chosen parcel delivery service can courier your parcel before you book. Most companies will ask for the weight and dimensions of your parcel prior to offering you a quotation.
Try to consider the above guidelines when choosing which parcel delivery service is right for you. These have been designed to ensure that you receive the best value courier service which suits your particular needs. If you are in any doubt at all then ask the courier company before you book!

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