Friday, 11 February 2011

Parcel Packaging - Protect Your Parcel During Transit

The parcel delivery industry is currently a thriving and highly competitive market, operating worlwide on a daily basis. Regardless of where in the world you want to send your parcel, the process has never been easier and if you are prepared to shop around you can take advantage of some fantastic deals. Regardless of whether you want to send a parcel within the UK, or send a parcel internationally to destinations such as the USA, India or China, it is really important that you think about how you will protect your parcel during transit

How to package a parcel is a technique which is quite often overlooked. A well protected parcel will not only arrive at its destination undamaged, but will also not damage any other parcels within the same shipment. It is very easy to leave arranging a parcel courier service until the last minute but what if you do not have suitable packaging materials to hand to protect your parcel? Would you delay sending the parcel whilst you sourced the materials? Or would you be tempted to make use of any materials you have at hand and send the parcel with 'adequate' packaging? 

With a little bit of planning you can source suitable packaging materials in advance, find the best prices for your packaging materials, and save yourself the stress of having to make claims for a parcel which has arrived damaged.
  • Use an experienced and reputable parcel delivery service. Make sure that they are equipped to meet your requirements; can they deliver within the required timescale? Do they offer parcel tracking facility? Do they offer standard insurance cover against damaged parcels?
  • Consider how you will package your parcel; what is the size and shape of your parcel? Will you wrap it or would a box be more suitable? Will you need to include a note to the parcel recipient? If so, how will you attach this?

    are using a box to protect your parcel:
    • Find a box the right size - not too small and not too big! If the box is too small for the package it is likely to split in transit and the contents could spill out causing loss and/or damage. If the box is too big the package will be free to move around inside the box making it susceptible to damage.The box could also get squashed by other parcels during transit if there is too much free space inside.
    • Place your item at the centre of the box and use padding to 'cushion' the goods on all sides. This prevents movement and helps to support the box from the inside.
    • Use corrugated cardboard to support the inner walls of the box - this will help to prevent it from buckling easily.
    • Use bubble wrap or foam for cushioning.
    • Use sticky tape to secure the bubble wrap around the item if necessary. 
  • If your parcel item is partricularly vulnerable, notify the courier or parcel delivery service provider when you book the shipment. if necessary, consider leaving a note stating 'Fragile' or 'This Way Up'. This offers no guarantee but at least you are doing your best to notify the driver of the vulnerability of your shipment.
  • Parcels containing liquid or powdered items may be best packaged seperately to avoid damage to other items if there is a spillage. Ensure that all tops are on secure and the goods are very well cushioned.
  • Make use of the couriers parcel tracking facility to check the progress of your goods.
Whilst parcel courier services make every effort to ensure your goods are handled with care and arrive safely at their destination, you should always try to help them by ensuring that the parcels are packaged securely for their protection. Many courier services will check the standard of packaging and can refuse shipment if they consider it inadequate. Save yourself time and hassle by offering suitable protection for your parcel.
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