Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Parcel delivery to Russia: tips and advice

Russia is a vast country, spanning two continents and nine different time zones. At over 17 million square kilometres, it is the biggest nation in the world by area and comprises both the densely populated cities of Moscow and St Petersburg in the West and the more remote areas of Siberia to the East of the Ural mountains. When sending a parcel to Russia, you therefore need to use a carrier with experience and an established network in the country if you want to ensure the smoothest possible delivery.

File:Moscow July 2011-4a.jpgTransglobal Express offers parcel delivery to Russia via DHL, UPS, and TNT, all of whom have been operating in Russia for decades, and all of whom can boast extensive networks throughout the nation. DHL, for example, has over 150 offices and 7 major depots across Russia, and can service over 600 Russian towns and cities.

Booking with Transglobal Express means you will save up to 70% on sending parcels to Russia without having to compromise on quality. We have major contracts with DHL, UPS and TNT, and are able to secure the best rates due to the amount we send with them. We pass these reduced rates onto you.

It's important to note that only commercial shipments to Russia are admissible- customs regulations means that parcels cannot be sent to private addresses - you must send your goods to a recognised business address.
russian social networking sites 300x262 Social Media in RussiaIf you're sending documents, these can be delivered to either a business or a private address. Be warned that Russian Customs authorities only accept paper documents in this category- information stored on CDs or other media will not be classed as a document, and will therefore be subject to parcel regulations and clearance procedures.

Although Russian Customs are renowned for being stringent, you should not let this discourage you from sending parcels to Russia- there are some great business opportunities in the country, and UK-Russia trade is growing at impressive rates, with an average of 21% annual growth since 2001.

As long as you choose a reliable carrier and ensure you inform yourself of the most up-to-date customs regulations in advance of dispatching your goods, you should not encounter any issues at all.

If you book your service through Transglobal Express you will have the added peace of mind of being able to track your parcel every step of its journey, from collection through to delivery. Our customer services staff have years of experience in facilitating delivery to Russia, and are on hand to assist you throughout the process should you need any help.

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