Monday, 21 February 2011

Send a Parcel to China, India or Australia - How using an International Courier could help

Sending your parcel to China, India or Australia, or indeed any international destination has never been easier. With a wealth of different mail, parcel delivery and courier services to choose from one, why would you choose to send your parcel by international courier rather than traditional postal services? What are the advantages of using an international courier?

Courier services can provide much more security. Your parcel will be well looked after during transit, and will be delivered with speed and efficiency.
  1. Couriers can provide a much faster international parcel delivery service. By ensuring your parcel or important documentation gets to your customers in the quickest and most reliable manner, you will ensure very good customer satisfaction which will reflect well on your business and encourage return custom.
  2. Courier services are more flexible with the services they offer. They also offer a much broader range of services which allows you to find more of a balance between the price you pay and the service receive. If you have any specific delivery requirements these can also be met.
  3. By using the same courier service on a regular basis you can establish a long and lasting relationship with the courier; knowing that you can trust the safety and the security of the service they provide. You may also be eligible to receive discounted rates if you regularly place high volume orders.
  4. Couriers can meet and deliver parcels to any international destination within short timescales.
  5. Couriers services provide enhance tracking options so you can check the progress of your parcel at any point throughout its journey.
  6. By using a third-party courier company you can take advantage of their discounted prices. By entering your parcels weight and dimensions once into a third-party couriers website, you will gain access to instant quotations from a variety of different courier services.
Regardless of whether you are sending a parcel to India or China, or need important documents delivering in Australia. The current competitive climate amongst courier service providers provides much greater opportunity for you to get a really good deal for a professional courier service. For a free, no-obligation quotation, and to received discounted rates for courier services such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, please visit Transglobal Premium.

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