Monday, 18 April 2011

Why use courier companies instead of postal services?

Do you run a business which delivers goods to international clients? If you do, you should consider using courier services. Today, many business owners choose courier companies over regular mail services because they offer great services such as:
On-time delivery – Once you have hired an international courier company then there is no need to worry about the delivery times. Due to increasing competition in the world of logistics, all courier companies ensure that their shipments reach their destination on time.

Offers safety – One of the best things about courier companies is that they offer good levels of safety to goods that are to be shipped. They make the use of strong containers which help to protect the goods from damage and adverse weather conditions. 

Door-to-door services – The best thing about courier companies is that they can pick up goods from your warehouse and deliver them at your client’s doorstep. This means that you do not have to take your goods to the courier company’s office in the same way you have to with postal services.

Packaging services – Compared to postal services, the courier company can help you package up your shipment. They ensure that your goods are properly packed so they remain safe at the time of transition.

Tracking services – Nowadays, the courier company will use the latest tracking technology to track the location of the goods. This feature allows you to plan your delivery time and hence means the company benefits from enhanced customer service.

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