Wednesday, 16 November 2011

UK ranks 6th amongst World’s Most Connected Countries

~ DHL GCI calls for better connected world in order to improve trade 

“It’s clear that global connectedness has enormous room to expand, even among the most ‘connected’ countries. […] The free trade of products and services contributed significantly to global prosperity.” (Dr Jan Muller, Deutsche Post DHL)

Connectedness, as stated by Dr Jan Muller, proves to be the central part of future economic growth. Recently published research by express delivery and parcel services market leader, DHL, strongly focusses on the “Global Connectedness” of countries. 

Moreover, it emphasises the connection between information, capital, trade and migration. According to DHL Global Connected Index (GCI), this tightknit bond can have a significantly improve trade flows, especially for larger countries. 

Out of 125 ranked countries, the UK came 6th. In fact, it out-ruled its competitors in terms of breadth. High scores were given for the UK’s four main strengths such as information, trade, capital and migration. All of them are closely intertwined contributing to a great breadth. In conjunction with long distance exports with the USA, this special "connectedness" helps the UK in having a high impact on international trade flows.

Beyond that, the UK’s transport and communications structure were ranked second in the world by DHL, the company itself being a prime example for an innovative, highly connected parcel delivery service.

(Source: DHL)

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