Tuesday, 24 January 2012

FedEx tracking system SenseAwareSM now available to all customers

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What would be like to receive real-time data about your shipment? Not only would this way of parcel tracking enhance the level of visibility but it would also help monitoring your parcels throughout the delivery process.

Yesterday, the FedEx Corp. announced that it would make its own real-time parcel tracking device available to clients from all industries. Initially only being introduced to customers from the healthcare and life sciences industries, anyone can now benefit from SenseAwareSM, a multi-sensor device with a bespoke web-based application. 

SenseAwareSM can deliver information about a shipment's current location and the opening of the parcel / its exposure to light. Additionally, the tracking system is able to take temperature readings, relative humidity and barometric pressure readings. No matter if you ship a pallet or single package, the FedEx tracking system can be enabled for either.

The setup of SenseAwareSM sounds comparably simple. Just set up the selected shipment with the app and put the activated device inside the parcel.

Parcel tracking is also available on Transglobal Premium. All of our shipments if sent with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT or DPD can be tracked within seconds via our website. UK parcel tracking made easy!

Source: FedEx 

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