Thursday, 26 April 2012

FedEx couriers orphaned sea otter pup to Pittsburgh Zoo

The eco-conscious courier service, FedEx, delivered a rather special consignment to the Pittsburgh Zoo last week.


One special delivery to Pittsburgh, please...

An orphaned sea otter pup who had previously been rescued from the wilds of Port Heiden in Alaska was flown in by a FedEx Express MD11 aircraft on 19th April. 

“Once the ASLC and Pittsburgh Zoo staff agreed to transport the little otter to Pittsburgh, FedEx was asked to help. We are so very grateful that we were able to utilize our relationship with Pittsburgh-based FedEx Ground to secure the support of FedEx Express and their utmost to detail when transporting our precious cargo”, said Barbara Baker, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. 

FedEx Express who normally send parcels to USA and around the world, are also known for their Panda Express which helped them transport two panda pairs in the past. The pup who had originally been discovered and rescued by residents of Port Heiden and the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC), was accompanied by a marine mammal staff and a veterinarian from the Alaska SeaLife Centre.

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Image c/o FedEx


A history of precious cargo

Bruce Clemmons, manager of the FedEx Live Animal Desk, proudly confirmed that “FedEx has a long history transporting rare and delicate cargo in cooperation with zoos and animal preserves around the world.” 

Indeed, amongst two pairs of pandas, the express courier service also transported three orphaned grizzly, polar bears, white tigers, elephants, gorillas and other types of mammals around the globe.

Source: FedEx

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