Monday, 30 April 2012

FedEx Freight Forwarding expands network in Turkey

Turkey’s enormous potential for the freight forwarding market has not been left unnoticed. In fact, FedEx was one of the first major courier companies to invest in the Eurasian state.
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In May 2011, FedEx Trade Networks opened its first offices in Istanbul. Today, the express parcel and freight forwarding company owns two additional branches in Ankara and Izmir. 

With an economy expansion of 8.5 percent last year and an annual foreign trade volume of $375 billion, Turkey is considered to be the fastest growing economy in Europe. 

When it comes to sending parcels to Turkey, the transport by sea is one the most popular options making up 55 percent of Turkey’s foreign trade volume. An additional 25 percent are transported by road. 

FedEx Freight Forwarding now plans on increasing its volume by targeting specific sectors including automotive, technology and textiles.

Source: Analytica, FedEx

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