Friday, 30 October 2015

The Transylvanian Express Hallowe'en FAQ

It's that time of year again. Something strange enters the air, everything gets a little spooky, and our customers try to make some especially weird deliveries.

To pre-empt the usual chaos, this year we have provided a Hallowe'en FAQ to field your most common queries.

So if there's a Hallowe'en item you're planning to send via one of our international courier services, please read on to find out in advance if your item will be accepted.

Will you deliver... my pumpkin?

Unfortunately pumpkins count as perishable foodstuffs, which are prohibited. sweets/candy?

It depends. As long as they're non-perishable, you're good to go. Frankenstein's monster?

No. Body parts are prohibited, even if you stitch them together into some kind of perverse monstrosity. zombie virus/plague?

Infectious substances are forbidden, as are lab and medical samples. If a zombie plague is found within your consignment, it will be destroyed and you will be fined £100. post-apocalyptic supplies?

Guns and ammunition are strictly prohibited, as are batteries, camping stoves, diesel, fuel, gasoline and fresh food. Good luck. ouija board?

Yes! occult gemstone of untold power?

Jewellery and precious stones are restricted items—please see specific carriers for details of maximum allowed value/magicks. ghost?

Not if it can't be weighed and measured, or if it will slip through its packaging. picture of Dorian Gray?

Yes, but we are unable to offer standard liability or insurance cover for works of art. coffin?

Only if you don't plan to travel in it. Cthulhu?

Cosmic entities are prohibited.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of Hallowe'en items. If you have any questions about an item not listed here, please get in touch with our team of Customer Service ghouls, who would be more than happy to feast on your soul.

(Image credits: Suriya Kankliang, Kaarina Dillabough.)

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