Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Christmas rush begins! | Save money and time on your Christmas Shipping by following our Tips

A quick click of the Christmas Countdown Clock saved to my favourites reveals that there are only 34 days till Christmas! There's always a point in the run up to the big day when your mindset changes very quickly from secretly thinking that anyone who has bought their presents already is a super-organised control freak to outwardly panicking that you have done absolutely no shopping yet! Now is that time! And it's not just me. Our Customer Services staff have been anticipating the Christmas rush for a while - and the marked increase in orders in the last couple of weeks show that this has finally arrived.

Christmas Gifts 2
If you're shipping goods abroad this Christmas. Why not enlist the help of Transglobal Express to take away the stress, and to save you money? We offer international parcel delivery services to almost every destination worldwide, at up to 70% the price of top-name carriers such as DHL, UPS and TNT. As well as being faster, more reliable and more trackable than the post office, it could even be cheaper. 

We've got lots of Christmas tips on our website, including advice on packaging, transit and Christmas opening times for all of our carriers. Click here for more info or call us on 0845 145 1212 and we'll be happy to help you get your Christmas presents to your loved ones on time and in perfect condition!

In the meantime, we've provided our best tips here: 

We hate to be a Scrooge...

 ...and we love a Boots mini perfume set as much as anyone else, but perfumes, aerosols and aftershaves are not permitted on courier services due to them being a flammable hazard. Please don't send them! Give your Granddad socks instead of a Lynx deodorant set, and send your friend in the USA a good book rather than a bottle of Lady Gaga's new fragrance - she'll thank you for it in the long run!

Christmas Wrapping...

...can be as outlandish, fanciful and adorned with ribbons and bows as you like, but please don't forget that there's always a chance that customs officers reserve the right to open it to carry out an inspection. Our Top Tip? Make sure you give a decent description of what's in your gift on your Customs Invoice to minimise the likelihood of this happening. And please place your gifts inside a plain cardboard box so that your Shipping Labels can remain securely attached. 

Christmas Transit Times

Door to door courier services offer the fastest transit times available, and, unlike Royal Mail, these should not be too affected by the Christmas rush. Have a look at our Transit Times calculator to see how long your package will take to be delivered, and add an extra couple of days just to be on the safe side. Happy Shipping! 

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