Wednesday, 6 June 2012

FedEx and Vital Voices team up to help empower women in Latin America

FedEx Express and Hillary Clinton's NGO, Vital Voices Global Partnership, have formed the alliance, "FedEx & Vital Voices Building the Future: Educating Women, Harnessing Potential", in order to support businesswomen in Latin America. 

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The alliance aims at empowering female business owners and entrepreneurs. Vital Voices and FedEx Express will offer business education and training including workshops where women can acquire and expand on their technical and soft skills. Beyond that, seminars will cover essential business topics such as export, business English, HR practises, marketing and technology.

Juan N. Cento, president for FedEx Express, Latin American and Caribbean Division, emphasised the importance of the private sector as well as the importance of supplying female business leaders with educational resources.
"[W]e believe that providing these women with access to education and resources they need to compete in the global marketplace is key to the long-tem prosperity of the region."
The results of a recently published survey about occupation and employment in Mexico, showed a rise in the number of female business executives and owners by 38.9% in 2011. Moreover, the 2020 Secarios Research Report expects Brazil's female workforce including businesswomen with their own staff to grow from 24% to 42% by 2020.
"This alliance will expand access to education and needs-based training for members of the Latin America and the Caribbean Businesswomen's Network, enhancing their ability to lead their companies and communities forward", said Alyse Nelson, president and chief executive officer of Vital Voices.
FedEx Express as well as Vital Voices will provide women with access to their capacity-building initiatives throughout the Latin American region. 

Source: FedEx Express

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