Thursday, 7 June 2012

New air cargo security pact between Europe and USA announced

The Association of European Airlines (AAE) recently confirmed plans for an EU-US air cargo security pact. The new agreement is supposed to simplify the transatlantic transport of air cargo shipments.

Before the agreement, both, the EU and USA, obtained two individual sets of guidelines, which caused problems amongst many European airlines shipping air cargo to the USA as Margreet Lommerts, Manager for Security and Cargo at AEA, explained:
“From today, the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) and the European Commission will recognise each other’s air cargo security measures as equal to their own. This will eliminate duplication, cut equipment costs and reduce the administrative burden for our member airlines.”
During the last few months, the USA as well as numerous EU-member states had already agreed to the new air cargo rule set over the last few months. In future, a joint European agreement is supposed to replace these individual arrangements. 

Source: AEA

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