Monday, 25 June 2012

Freight train crash in Oklahoma leaves three people missing

On Sunday morning, two freight trains crashed head-on into each other before exploding on directly on the rail tracks, close the small town of Goodwell in Oklahoma (USA).

Image c/o Daily Mail
Three Union Pacific employees have been missing since the disastrous event and are believed to be dead. The only known survivor – also a Union Pacific employee – said that he was able to escape the fatale collision by jumping of one of the trains before the crash.

Approximately 50 volunteer fire fighters from five towns near Goodwell (OK) have been trying to put out the blazes of the exploded ten freight rail-cars and three locomotives since early Sunday morning. It is believed that two people were operating each train – a conductor and an engineer. However, the local police does not believe that the three missing employees survived.
“We believe we’ll find their remains in the wreckage if there’s anything left to find”, said Tropper Betsy Randolph, Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
On Sunday evening, investigators of the National Transportation Safety Board arrived in Guymon airport (OK) to investigate the freight train disaster.


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