Tuesday, 3 September 2013

DHL pilots crowdsourcing app for deliveries in Stockholm

DHL announced yesterday that it is to pilot an innovative crowdsourcing platform for parcel deliveries in Stockholm. While crowdsourcing has been an increasingly popular practice for some time, this is the first example of such an initiative by one of the giants of the express parcel delivery industry, and, if successful,  it could have huge implications for the sector. 

The new platform, named "My Ways",  is enabled by a specially developed mobile app which connects shippers seeking flexible delivery with individuals willing to transport parcels along their daily routes for a small fee. Peter Hesslin, CEO of DHL Freight in Sweden explained: "MyWays is not only a service for those requesting flexible deliveries; it is also a service for those who would consider delivering a package and earning a little extra money. This is what makes the platform so unique. As soon as the package arrives at one of DHL's collection locations, the recipient and the deliverer confirm the fee and delivery details, all within the mobile app."

The app has been developed by DHL's innovation unit Solutions and Innovation, which researches current  and future trends in the industry. The pilot is due to run until the end of the year and DHL are yet to make any announcements relating to potential further roll-out if it proves successful. 

Source: DHL

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