Friday, 21 September 2012

Nissan and FedEx Express unveil new e-NV200 all-electric delivery van

Yesterday, Nissan and FedEx Express presented the result of their latest joint venture, the all-electric delivery van, e-NV200. 

Cargo-friendly features

According to the automotive manufacturer, the e-NV200 features a new telematics system,  benefits from smooth acceleration, new power outlets and has enough space to transport cargo in its compact body. 

“As a global fleet operator, FedEx Express is always looking measures to improve the efficiency of its vehicles. (…) We are delighted to collaborate with a global player like Nissan in the development of an urban all-electric delivery van”, said Russell Musgrove, MD of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express.

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Nissan to reduce carbon emissions

When developing e-NV200 Nissan primarily focussed on finding a mobility solution for entrepreneurs whilst also featuring components to help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Tests began back in December 2011 in order to see if the 100% electric vehicle could perform in real-life situations. 

Hideto Murakami, corporate vice president, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, promised, “the eNV-200 [would] offer all the spaciousness, versatility and practicality of a traditional diesel or gas-powered compact van, but with zero CO2 or other pollutant emissions at the point of use. What’s more, it will provide an outstanding driving experience that is unique to EVs.”

All-electric parcel delivery vans for FedEx Express

By currently operating 130 all-electric vehicles worldwide and more to come in the near future, the courier company, FedEx Express, hopes to decrease its carbon footprint. According to FedEx Express, 80% of its overall goal of increasing the global fleet’s carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 had already been achieved.

Nissan and FedEx have been testing their e-NV200 in London as well as on the roads of Japan and are hoping to expand to Singapore, USA and Brazil by 2013.


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