Friday, 27 July 2012

Excess Baggage extreme? Female holidaymakers and their 28 outfits

Did you think you had a problem with excess baggage? According to a recent study commissioned by the F&F line (Tesco), women tend to wear 28 different outfits when they are on holiday. A whopping 27 percent of the 2,000 interviewed women claimed that they would wear more than one outfit a day.

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Bernadette Lusher (F&F Tesco) said that “unlike the typical day at home, which can involve an outfit for work or for popping to the shops, an average day on holiday can consist of several different outfits.”

Despite the fact that eight out of ten women admitted to not being able to wear every item of clothing that they originally packed, there is still one in ten women who manages to pack  half of her wardrobe and change into seven different outfits a day.

What if you do not want end up having to pay surcharges for excess baggage?

Fortunately, there are a number of excess baggage shipping companies. They can arrange for a quick and safe delivery of your suitcases for less money than at the airport.

Thanks to baggage shipping there will be no need to leave you favourite dress at home.

Source: Daily Mail / Transglobal Express

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