Monday, 6 August 2012

DHL Break Bulk Express opens up new revenue stream for DHL Express Russia

Last week, DHL Russia introduced its new import service, DHL Break Bulk Express. DHL Express announced that it will offer customers a single customs clearance and tax payment process for parcels from Russia. The new DHL express delivery service is going to available for any shipments going to countries outside of Russia.

“As one of the biggest customs brokers in Russia, we always aim at improving our service. Most of the shipments imported by DHL Express are cleared within one hour of the aircraft landing”, confirmed Elena Emelyanova, DHL Express Russia.

In future, customers will also benefit from minimised warehousing costs. This is due to the fact of DHL having implemented this parcel delivery service which will transport consignments to the receivers as soon as customs have cleared them.

DHL Express Russia also mentioned that it may give discounted rates to first-time import customers.


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