Monday, 22 October 2012

UPS - TNT Express mega deal in danger?

The EU Commission, which currently reviews UPS' proposal to buy TNT Express N.L.,  recently published a Statement of Objections (SO).

As the final date in January 2013 comes closer, the EU Commission now announces concerns about maintaining a fair competition amongst Europe's logistics companies. Specific details have not been revealed yet.

However, UPS and TNT Express published a joint press release stating the the received Statement of Objections was "a normal step in a second phase merger procedure".

Moreover, both companies believe that competition amongst European courier companies will be maintained, if not improved. According to TNT Express and UPS, the industry may even get a step closer to the European objective of having a "Digital Single Market". Both, customers and consumer will benefit from an extensive service range, timings and service reliability.

UPS and TNT Express have promised to respond to the SO within the next two weeks.

Source: UPS / TNT Express

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