Friday, 21 December 2012

TNT Express branches out to Lebanon for more customer growth

TNT Express has partnered up with Masri Money Express MME, a service provider for well-known financial services such as MoneyGram in an effort to expand its parcel services in Lebanon.
“We are very keen to offer the best delivery solutions for our retail customers, and we are convinced that TNT Express is the perfect match with their logistical industry expertise”, said Mohammed Al Masri, general manager at Masri Money Expresss MME.
The courier company hopes that its new business partnership will result in better access to retail for its express courier services. Furthermore, TNT Express aims at growing its customer basis in Lebanon.
“We will focus on strengthening our service offering by being present throughout MME branches in Lebanon”, explained Roger Haddard, country manager for TNT Express Lebanon. “We are continuously looking to provide TNT services to the B2C sector. Our commitment is to have convenient express courier to our customer across the country.”

Source: Post & Parcel / TNT Express

Monday, 17 December 2012

FedEx team rings NYSE bell and celebrates Free Shipping day

Today is “Free Shipping“ day for many online retail businesses. Last year, online retails sales reached a staggering $1 billion in revenue on this particular day. This year $29.3 billion have already been generated during the holiday season.

Dave Rebholz, president and CEO, FedEx Ground said that the company was “very proud of the people across the entire FedEx network making the holiday happen. Their commitment and efforts are ensuring we seamlessly deliver Christmas during our busiest season ever.” 

FedEx services have enabled many online retailers to have their products delivered quickly and safely – just in time for Christmas. For this season FedEx team members have been given the honour to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange today.

Source: FedEx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Guide to Sending Christmas Parcels

The Christmas Parcel rush has begun. But what if you are struggling to find a courier service which will deliver it on time?
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Home pick-ups and online bookings

Booking your parcel collection online makes life much easier, especially during the Christmas period. Not only does it offer a convenient, time-saving alternative to your local post office, but you will also pay less.

Many independent re-sellers or courier agents in the UK resell the rates and services of big carriers such as DHL, UPS or TNT. In exchange, for high shipping volumes, the re-sellers receive discounts of up to 70% which they then forward to their customers.

Christmas collection and delivery times

Just like anyone else, courier companies also temporarily close their operations over Christmas. For this reason, you should make sure to check the Collection and Delivery Times Schedules of DHL, UPS and TNT.

Sending large or bulky Christmas presents

If you opt in for a larger present which may weigh a little bit more, or is particularly bulky in size, there are several services which may make a good fit.

Standard services are usually restricted to 70kg per consignment. If you want to avoid surcharges, sending your parcels by air or sea freight is often a better solution.

Air freight services come in particularly handy if speed of delivery is your priority. You can get an instant, free quote for air and sea freight services on

Express, domestic and international deliveries

Whether you would like to sent a parcel from London to Edinburgh, or all the way to New York City, express courier services will get it there via the quickest way possible. 

You should always bare in mind that these services may cost more than their standard mail equivalents.  

When unloading courier vehicles or giant freighters, your parcels will be given priority. Many courier companies offer a range of Express Services for domestic and international deliveries.

Packaging your parcels

Did you know that it is not enough to wrap your Christmas parcels and send them in the post? Sufficient packaging is vital if you want to avoid damages to your presents. For tips about how to best package your parcel, check out this Packaging Guide.

Information about Hazardous, Prohibited and Owner’s Risk Goods can be found on

Friday, 7 December 2012

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Most of us know that it is forbidden to send dangerous goods such as toxins, explosives or munition via your usual courier service. However, few people are often aware that thermometers, magnets or batteries can also be classified dangerous or hazardous.

What are dangerous goods?

Dangerous or hazardous goods can be anything from solid or liquid to gas. This kind of goods are generally considered to be harmful to others, properties, the environment or animals. The most common types are radioactive, flammable, explosive, corrosive, oxidizing, asphyxiating, bio hazardous, toxic, pathogenic, or allergenic.

Carriers' regulations

Depending on the courier company and carrier you will be using, restrictions may vary. Therefore it is important to check with your chosen courier before you package your shipment. Most UK carriers will not accept dangerous goods on any of their services. Similar applies to prohibited items.

You may be able to ship certain goods with your chosen carrier. However, in most cases, you as the sender will be liable for your shipment.

Sender's responsibilities

As the sender, it will be your responsibility to check that your shipment does not contain anything that could be harmful to others (see "what are dangerous goods").

Since you will be the one packaging your shipment, only you will be aware of its contents - the courier company and carrier will not know what is inside until your shipments reaches the depot. Should anything dangerous be found in your parcel(s), you will be made responsible.

Goods you may not consider hazardous

Did you know that nail varnish, glue or hair curlers are considered "dangerous" in the UK? Even airbags or seat belts for cars full under this term. You may not have had any intentions when you shipped these goods, but the carrier may charge you with a fine and reject your shipments.

In order to avoid scenarios like this one, you should always check back with the restricted items list provided by your chosen courier company.