Friday, 19 April 2013

Post Danmark teams up with major Danish retailer Coop to expand national parcel delivery service

Post Danmark, the designated Danish postal operator, has entered into a partnership with Denmarks’s leading retail chain Coop in order to enhance its parcel delivery network. The postal company aims to install 300 automated package locker terminals in Coop stores across country by the end on October 2013, and e-shoppers will be able to be pick up their parcels from these newly created hubs.

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Partnerships between postal or courier services and retail outlets are not uncommon (FedEx recently announced its partnership with Bangalore-based printing chain Printo in a move to develop its Indian network)  but this is the first collaboration of its kind in Denmark.

Representatives from both parties recognise the opportunities for both companies. Sales Director of Post Danmark Anders Mittage said, “The agreement strengthens our position in the parcels market by offering the most distribution points and the most flexible options for customers.” He also mentioned that Coop’s long opening hours will be of especial convenience to customers, who will consequently be able to pick up their parcel outside of normal delivery hours.

Michael Leo, chain director for SuperBrusgen and Coop, commented, “We want to be the local hub, and so we are delighted to offer this additional service.”

Source: Post and Parcel

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