Thursday, 26 September 2013

The role of freight forwarders in international shipping

Freight forwarders oversee the transport of your goods, acting on your behalf to build you the best shipping solution. International freight forwarders typically specialise in a particular type of shipping such as sea freight, air freight or road transportation. Increasingly, however, companies are developing a variety of specialisms in order to meet a greater range of customer need and compete in a competitive market.

At Transglobal Express, we are the only major freight forwarder in the UK to combine air and sea freight expertise with an in depth knowledge of door-to-door courier services. This means we can build you a bespoke shipping solution, whatever your needs, and suited to your budget and time frame.

Air freight is typically an option for high-value and time-sensitive shipments, whereas sea freight can be a lot cheaper for bulky items, provided your supply chain can accommodate a longer shipping time. Basic air and sea freight services are airport to airport or port to port respectively, but we can also arrange collection from your warehouse and get spot rates for delivery from destination port to your final destination, building you an end to end shipping solution. 

Using a freight forwarder means you can take advantage of their contacts and shipping experience: booking with a forwarder almost always guarantees you lower costs than arranging deliveries yourself, since the agent's buying power assures them better prices, which they pass on to you. But it's not all about price, many freight forwarders, including Transglobal, offer support and assistance with creating your shipping documentation and  tracking your consignments and also provide packaging advice and services, such as a palletising service. 

Get started! Visit our website to get a quote for air freight, sea freight or a door-to-door courier service.

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