Monday, 19 December 2016

Sending Skis or Snowboards Abroad - A Quick Guide

For those of you who are keen skiers or snowboarders, you’re probably already planning that blissful trip in search of the white stuff. But with low-cost airlines trying to keep their ticket fares down, the cost of taking extra luggage on board seems to be rising sharply.

Here at Transglobal Express we offer luggage shipping services, allowing you to send your skis or snowboard ahead so they will be ready and waiting for you at your destination airport.

Before your equipment makes its own flight, however, it will need to be prepared and packed properly to ensure a safe trip. The following materials are essential:
  • ·         A roll of strong packing tape
  • ·         Cardboard boxes that make the correct size to cover equipment
  • ·         Padding material

Ideally you should have boxes of a suitable size to fit the equipment, ones that are not too small to fit padding material inside to protect the items, and not so big that items move around a lot inside, causing damage. Whichever courier you pick, you will also need to check their size limits before you book.

It is recommended that you package your skis in pairs to increase the level of stability. It is also wise to use additional padding material such as edge protectors made from polystyrene or foam, as well as other packing material to ensure the equipment is not loose in the box.

Once everything is secure, ensure the parcel is well taped up and that the box will not open easily whilst in transit. Finally, attach the correct labels to the box where they can be seen clearly.

If you are ready to arrange a delivery, use our easy quotation form now and compare prices for the range of services we have on offer.

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