Friday, 3 March 2017

Parcel Delivery to the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is currently the second largest economy in the Arab world, behind Saudi Arabia. With many major British companies operating in the UAE and more and more British people moving there, it has become one of our most popular destinations for parcel delivery.

Whilst parcel delivery to United Arab Emirates is straight forward, there are a few important pieces of information it is worth being aware of in advance.

Dangerous, Hazardous & Restricted Items

When sending things abroad, there are certain items that are classed as Dangerous and Hazardous which can under no circumstances be sent. You can find a comprehensive list of these items here as sending a dangerous or hazardous item could result in you receiving a £100 fine.

There are also restricted items that have varying restrictions depending on the carrier or the country. For further information on individual carrier’s restrictions for sending to the UAE, take a look at our UAE Information page.

Customs Information for the United Arab Emirates

With the United Arab Emirates being out of the EU, anything sent there will be required to go through customs clearance. When you book your parcel delivery with Transglobal Express, we will generate the necessary documentation for you based on the details you provide during booking. It is important that you be as detailed and thorough as can with the information you provide to prevent any unwanted delays with customs clearance. You can find more information on the UAE customs website.

Sending Documents to the United Arab Emirates

Our UPS Envelope service can save you over 50% of the normal cost of delivery when you need to send documents to the UAE. With prices starting at just £14.95, it’s available for documents weighing up to 0.5kg and fit in to a UPS branded envelope.

Transit Times to the United Arab Emirates

Our express services can deliver a parcel to the UAE in only a couple of days. We also have cheaper economy services which take a little longer, usually about 4 days providing there are no problems with customs clearance.

If you are sending your parcel to or from a remote area, additional time may be required. For a more accurate estimate you can use our transit time calculator.

For any further information or help regarding booking a courier to United Arab Emirates, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0345 145 1212 or send an email to

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