Wednesday, 26 January 2011

TNT Economy Express European Delivery Service Restrictions

The TNT Economy Express service is a worldwide parcel delivery service of which the level and rates are particularly competitive throughout Europe and including Eastern block areas.

Parcel Labelling & Documentation Airway Bill 

TNT Economy Express services can be booked directly through the website. A copy of your Airway bill must be attached to each individual parcel.

If you book the service through Transglobal Express, you can take advantage of their discounted rates making TNT Economy Express a very cost-effective parcel delivery service. Once your booking has been made, Transglobal Express will generate the airway bill on you behalf and email it through to you to be printed and attached to each parcel. 

If you do not have access to a printer your driver can supply you with a manual airway bill which must be completed by hand. If this is the case you must tick the appropriate "TNT Economy Express" service. You will be liable for additional charges if any other service is selected. If booking through Transglobal Express, you must also insert their customer account number which can be obtained from customer services.

Shipments bound for non EU countries will need to be accompanied by 3 copies of a commercial invoice/packing list. This should include a full description and value of your goods and customs will use this information when they conduct their security checks.

Volumetric Weight Charging 

Volumetric weight is the term commonly referred to by courier and parcel delivery services for the chargeable weight of your parcel and is calculated based on the weight and volume of your parcel. 

The formula to calculate the Volumetric Rate on the TNT Economy Express service is as follows: multiply the 3 dimensions together and divide the result by 4000.  The end total is the volumetric weight or your parcel.
  • If the volumetric weight is less than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the actual weight .
  • If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the volumetric weight.
Examples of this calculation have been included in Transglobal Premium's guidelines for TNT Economy Express Restrictions

Maximum Size & Weight Allowance Restrictions 

There are maximum size and weight restirctions in place on the TNT Economy Express delivery service.
  • The maximum size per piece is 240cm x 120cm x 180 cm high.
  • The maximum weight for loose items is 70kg
  • The maximum weight for palletised goods is 1000kg


No hazardous goods or prohibited items will be accepted onto this service. Further guidelines for prohibited and restricted parcel contents has been posted here.

TNT specific information can be found at their website -

*** All information provided is based on TNT Economy Express services as supplied through Transglobal Express and may be subject to change. We recommend that you refer to the guidelines of the actual courier service if you are in any doubt. Transglobal Express also have a dedicated customer services team on hand to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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