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UPS European Parcel Delivery Service Restrictions & Information

Transglobal Express offer the following parcel delivery service through UPS:
  • TG Express Saver is provided by UPS using their "Worldwide Saver" service and transports your shipment by air.
  • TG Expedited is a cheaper but slightly slower air service than "Worldwide Saver". If you need your parcel delivering and speed is not a priority then you can make some great savings using this service.
  • TG Express is provided by UPS using their Transborder Standard service. This is a road service which delivers throughout Europe.

Labeling & Documentation

If you have booked your UPS service through Transglobal Express you will be emailed a bar-coded UPS which must be printed and a copy securely attached to each package. Manual airway bills can not be provided by the driver on this service so it is important that you have access to a printer.


If you are sending your package or parcel to a non-EU country it must be accompanied by 3 copies of a commercial invoice or packing list. Any country not listed here will require a commercial invoice.

Volumetric Weight Charging

The charge of your shipment is calculated based upon its weight or volume. Sometimes bulky items may be charged at a higher rate than the actual weight of the shipment due to the dimensions of the item.

The formula to calculate the Volumetric Rate on the UPS services is as follows: multiply the 3 dimensions together and divide the result by 5000.  The end total is the volumetric weight or your parcel.
  • If the volumetric weight is less than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the actual weight .
  • If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the volumetric weight.

Surcharges and Additional Costs

The below information outlines any additional costs which may apply to your shipment depending on a number of factors. All surcharges related to EU deliveries will be subject to VAT.
  • UPS Extended Area Collection & Delivery Charge - this is the UPS equivalent of a 'Remote Area Surcharge'. This will be applied if either your collection or delivery address is considered to be in a remote area. The extended area surcharge is a minimum of £13.50 + fuel per shipment or £0.25 per kg, whichever is greater. To view a list of all UPS extended area definitions, please follow this link.
  •   UPS Residential Delivery Surcharge - A cost of £2.00 per shipment is charged if delivery is to be made to home. This also applies if delivery is being made to a business operating from home.
  • Address Correction - a charge of £4.55 per shipment will be applied if any part of the address is missing or incorrect. 
  • Incorrect Account Number - a cost of £8.00 per shipment will be charged if your account number is missing or invalid.
  • Additional Handling - an additional charge of £2.45 per package is applied on any article that is not in a cardboard box or:
    •  is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
    • is cylindrical (such as a tyre / drum / pail or barrel) and not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
    • any package with the longest side exceeding 150cm or its second longest side exceeding 78cm
    • a package with an actual weight greater than 32kgs
    • each package within a shipment where the average weight per package is greater than 32kgs and the weight for each package is not specified on the source document or the UPS automated shipping system used.
  • Additional Handling - any article that is above the girth* of 330cm or above 70kg will incur an additional fee of £27 per package.
  • DDP Shipments - an additional fee of £12 + duty & tax value is applied on any shipment in which the destination duties and taxes are not paid by the consignee and are billed back to the shipper.

Maximum Size & Weight Allowance Restrictions
  • The maximum weight per parcel is 70kg to most areas and 30kg to some others
  • The maximum size per package is 330cm girth
  • The maximum length per package is 270cm
*Girth is calculated by adding together the 2 smaller dimensions and multiply by 2. You then add the result to longest dimension to give you the 'girth'.  An example calculation is included on the guidelines for UPS Services.

Restrictions Refer to our previous article outlining prohibited and restricted parcel contents for general package content guidelines. UPS specific service information can be found by following this link.

Collection Restrictions UPS are unable to collect from Northern Island.

** All information provided is based on UPS services as supplied through Transglobal Express and may be subject to change. We recommend that you refer to the guidelines of the actual courier service if you are in any doubt.

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