Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Benefits of Individualised Parcel Courier Services

Millions of letters, utility bills, parcels and packages are delivered on time every day due to the efficiency of private courier services. With a variety of transport methods available to them, carriers are offering more individualised courier services by providing greater flexibility over the method and speed at which your package or parcel will be couriered to its destination.

Courier services quite often use cars, bikes, vans or trucks for delivering your parcel. Air freight, sea freight and courier services combine to create a global network through which your shipment can be transported to any international destination with ease and efficiency. But how do courier services keep track of the exact location of one parcel, when they are dealing with millions of shipments on a day to day basis?

GPS tracking systems are commonly used by couriers to keep track of shipments whilst in transit. This also allows you to keep track of the exact status of your parcel using a track and trace facility which is common in most courier websites.

Once your shipment is collected, your courier will give you a tracking number. This number corresponds specifically to your parcel, and every parcel on the shipment will have a unique 'tracking number' to distinguish it from all others.

The tracking number is also printed onto the airway bill and the bill of lading. As it gets passed on through the various stages of its transportation, the parcel is scanned and its status is recorded against the tracking number. By entering the tracking number into the courier services website you can find out your parcel's last recorded, or current, status.

Tracking systems are becoming increasingly more complex as the complete journey of a parcel is recorded electronically. Parcels can be traced from any location across the world, which is one of the key advantages of using courier services over traditional postal services.

For information about courier services available from Transglobal Express, please refer to our post outlining International Courier Services.

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