Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Send a Parcel to USA and Avoid Paying the DHL Remote Area Surcharge

DHL is one of the worlds leading organisations in the logistics industry providing international express parcel delivery, air and sea freight services, road and rail transportations, contract logistics, and international mail services operating on a global network which spans across 220 countries and territories.

As part of their commitment to providing customers with the best parcel delivery network, DHL  continue to offer coverage in as many parts of the world as possible. The inaccessibility of some locations lead to the introduction of the "Remote Area Surcharge" to cover the cost of delivering parcels and packages to remote locations across the world.

The remote area surcharge is applicable to all destinations that are considered 'remote' on the DHL Express Worldwide, Domestic Express and Economy Select parcel delivery services. The cost to deliver your parcel to a remote area is currently charged at a flat rate of £15.00 per shipment, and in addition to the standard parcel delivery fee.

Tranglobal Express are pleased to announce that you can now book DHL parcel delivery services to remote areas of the USA without paying the remote area surcharge. That's an additional saving of £15.00 per shipment! Better still, booking through Transglobal Express will allow you to take advantage of their already cheap DHL parcel delivery rates due to their high volume business.

These savings are ideal for any individual wanting to send a one-off parcel or any business who sends parcels to the USA on a regular basis. For further information about their Remote Area Service you can visit the DHL website. If you are considering sending a parcel to a non-USA destination using DHL and would like to find out if the destination is considered to be 'remote' you can search their Remote Area database.

  • To take advantage of the huge savings available when sending a parcel the the USA or any other worldwide destination you can access free, no-obligation quotations via www.transglobalpremium.co.uk
  • For further information about Transglobal Express and how they are able to offer you cheap parcel delivery services, please refer to our post outlining the benefits of using Transglobal Express

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