Monday, 31 January 2011

Parcel Delivery Services to Europe with DHL Europlus

DHL Europlus is a highly economical road based parcel delivery and courier service operating across Europe. If you choose this service goods will be signed for at their destination, but whilst in transit goods do not have the same levels of traceability as using parcel delivery services such as the DHL Air Express. If speed and tracking is a priority for you then we would recommend using the air service.

Labelling & Documentation
Parcels being couriered using the DHL Europlus should have the full destination address and contact telephone number clearly labelled and securely attached. It is also recommend that you also attach a return address and contact telephone number as a back up.

Upon collection of your parcel your driver should leave you with a carbon copy of the delivery note which will contain a tracking number. You can use this number to track your shipment using the DHL Web Tracking Facility.

Volumetric Weight Charging
The charge of all shipments is based on either the weight or volume of the shipment. Sometimes a package may occupy a lot of space but may not weigh very much. This reduces the amount of other items which could go in the same shipment and if charged by weight, uit may not be cost effective for the courier to transport the goods. 

To overcome this, parcel delivery services calculate the Volumetric Weight of each package which basically means that bulky items may be charged at a higher rate than the actual weight of the shipment due to the dimensions. Different courier services may use a slightly different calculation to work this out.

The formula to calculate the volumetric weight on the DHL Europlus service is as follows: multiply the 3 dimensions together and divide the result by 4000.  The end total is the volumetric weight or your parcel. 
  • If the volumetric weight is less than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the actual weight.
  • If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight of your parcel, you will be charged for the volumetric weight.
Some examples of this calculation can be found on the DHL Europlus Information page of

Maximum Size & Weight Allowance Restrictions
The following package restrictions are applicable to the DHL Europlus services:
  • Maximum size per item: 120cm x 100cm x 120cm high (incurs no surcharge below these dimensions)
  • Any shipment including or exceeding 120cm will incur a £15 surcharge
  • Maximum weight for loose items: 31.5kg
  • Maximum weight for palletised goods: 1000kg
  • Any shipment exceeding 240cm cannot be sent on this service.

Remote Area Surcharge
If your collection address or delivery address is considered to be in a "remote area", DHL apply a flat rate charge of £15+VAT. You can search DHL's remote area databse by following this link.

Prohibited Articles Information
Please refer to our previous post outlining general restricted parcel contents and prohibited package content which applies to most courier services. For DHL specific information, please refer to their website.

Further information about how the cost of your shipment is calculated can be found in our Parcel Delivery & Shipment Rates post.

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